[Reaper] Necro-tank

Oct 20, 2017

About the Build

Basically: +30k hp + 2k toughness + minions + shroud + siphon

Playstyle: deploy minions. auto attack with dagger #1. #2 if you need to heal a bit yourself. Avoid sacrificing your healing minion. Use warhorn #4 and charge (#10 from minion) for CC. Use the Rise! shout near mobs (you get one extra minion for every other mob hit). change to axe if you cant get near the target, or if you need to retreat a bit to heal.

Use shroud when you are half way of hp, or you need to help your teammates with #4. Also good to stay in shroud if you are about to get damaged with a hit that downs you.

  • DPS
  • Survivability
  • Party Support
  • Mobility

Possible Trait Swaps:

Unholy Sanctuary for Death Nova – sacrifice some DPS for an extra bit of survivability

You can actually swap Reaper out entirely for Soul Reaping if you want to boost your shroud abilities.


  • Blood Fiend – A minion that siphons health for you. Can be destroyed for burst heal, although not recommended for this build.
  • Rise! – Try to use this when you’re surrounded by enemies, as it will summon 1 minion for each enemy hit.
  • Bone Minions – Two minions for the price of one! Synergizes well with Flesh of the Master.
  • Bone Fiend – A minion that attacks at range. Its activated skill immobilizes foes.
  • Flesh Golem – A great source of CC.

Weapon Set 1: Dagger/Warhorn

Weapon Set 2: Axe/Warhorn

Suggested Sigils: *work in progress* (still havent found a good pair of sigils, since every one of them is focused on dps – probably one of the interrupts)

Suggested Gear Stats: Tanky stats, especially with Vitality.