[Scrapper] The Momentous Juggernaut

Oct 16, 2017

About the Build

This is my fun, cheesy open world PvE build. It camps flamethrower 24/7, and can maintain a passive 12+ stacks of might. The synergy between the Juggernaut trait and Mass Momentum is the key here. The Alchemy trait line is taken because of the increased Concentration, but also because it adds survivability.

I use Flame Legion Runes because they’re cheap and work well with the flamethrower, but you can do whatever suits you best. You can also swap your gear for tankier stats, or make it a hybrid condi/power. I currently use Berserkers, which is why the GW2Skills build link has that.

I recommend using an on-crit sigil like Air or Fire for the extra damage, because the flamethrower’s Flame Jet procs them basically every autoattack. That’s also why I recommend using Fried Golden Dumplings – they have no internal cooldown, and as such you can possibly proc the might gain multiple times during a single Flame Jet! They are pricey though, so I don’t recommend buying them (unless you want to, I guess). But if you have some just lying around from the last Lunar New Year, and you want to use them, it’s fun.

  • DPS
  • Survivability
  • Party Support
  • Mobility

Possible Trait Swaps:

Applied Force for Adaptive Armor – if more survivability is desired.


  • Healing Turret – This is my favoured heal due to the extra burst from detonating it in its own field, and the extra regen on the Toolbelt skill. However, the Elixir Heal is pretty good too.
  • Flamethrower Kit – This is where you’ll spend most of your time, for the passive regen, the quick proccing of food and sigil effects, and Might upkeep.
  • Elixir U – This is your stunbreak, on-demand Quickness, and will also remove 2 conditions. Bonus, the Toolbelt skill acts as a ground-targeted reflect. While traited, the wall produced by your Toolbelt skill actually surpasses a Guardian’s!
  • Bulwark Gyro – This will provide you and your team with an extra 33% damage reduction, and can be detonated for extra damage. It’s toolbelt skill provides you with yet another reflect!
  • Elite Skill – To be quite honest, almost every elite skill is usable in some situation. My preference is Supply Crate for solo content. Extra DPS, a powerful stun/CC bar damage, and your turrets can help take aggro if you’re under a lot of pressure. Plus, the toolbelt skill gives a small bit of burst healing.

Weapon Set 1: Rifle or Hammer – won’t matter, you’ll always be in Flamethrower Kit

Weapon Set 2: n/a

Alternate Sigils: Superior Sigil of Fire, Strength, or Smouldering

Alternate Runes: Any

Suggested Gear Stats: Berserker, or hybrid stats like Griever or Celestial