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    Reaper is well-known as a durable and capable fighter. Here’s my version that is designed for solo play to fight heavily outnumbered and still come out on top with corpses and loot falling all around your feet. It is designed for lazy sustain via siphons and about 15s of protection (or 50% uptime in longer fights) combined with good solo might generation, 100% crit chance achievable and enough hard and soft CC to reliably break bars alone. It is designed a bit with farming in mind and being able to run directly to the next pack without having to wait for health to regenerate or skills to recharge. Both PoF and HoT have many places/events where you need to fight big groups of mixed melee and ranged mobs (For example, Verdant Brink camp defense or the many Forged bases in the desert). Taking on big groups also lets you increase farming efficiency in areas where mob density is high. Build is very forgiving for story bosses too if you have trouble with those.

    GW2Skills link: Blood Reaper

    Spite is your straightforward damage line- Spiteful Talisman for dmg vs. boonless foes, Axe trait, Close to Death.
    Blood is you sustain line – Vampiric Rituals is the important one here for the siphon and protection on well cast. Vampiric Presence and Ritual of Life are pretty much the only ones that fit.
    Reaper – Chilling Nova for more damage and to keep up chill for Cold Shoulder. Decimate Defenses lets you achieve ~100% crit chance. Chilling Victory could work if you really feel that you need more might, but IMO the spite line minor traits usually generate enough might. Reaper’s Onslaught is an easy pick.

    Skills: We’re building around the Vampiric Rituals grandmaster trait, so wells are featured prominently. Well of Suffering for damage and vulnerability (and crit chance boost). Well of Power is a stunbreak and condition clear.

    The last utility is open – You already have an AoE blind on Greatsword #4 so Well of Darkness is a bit redundant. Well of Corruption works if you want to go full-on wells and the increased prevalence of boons in PoF makes it somewhat useful. Signet of Spite, Signet of the Locust, “Suffer!”, “You are all Weaklings!”, can all work. Pick the one that you like best!

    Pick whichever heal fits the situation best. I usually have Well of Blood – Another well for more protection, siphons, and a bit of help in reviving other players during big events (trait). Signet of vampirism works for lazy heals and some on-use damage boost. Consume conditions if you really need more condi clear.

    Gear – Berserker armor, scholar runes, berserker trinkets. I shy away from using gear to add sustain and stick to more-or-less meta power gear. Zerker gear means faster kills and more loot. You have blinds, protection, CC and a second health bar – this build doesn’t need more sustain from gear.

    Usage Charge in and aggro the whole map. Drop well of suffering and GS4 at your feet to keep stuff vulnerable and blinded. Add death spiral for more vuln/crit bonus. GS#5 pull anything that tries to escape. Pop into shroud, pop stability, murder all. Gravedigger stuff below 50% as needed. Collect loot. Find event that looks fun, repeat mass killing, collect loot.

    Axe/focus can be used as a “drive-by” on single targets or if you really need to pick off a pesky ranged foe. Focus 4 + axe 2 is often enough to kill a single regular mob. If not, running by with axe #3 will finish the job. Especially effective on things like Young Karka that have valuable drops and may be on the road to where you are going – you can often kill before they get 2 shots off at you.

    Hope you like it! Have fun out there!

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