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    Sigil notes:
    I used to play with Superior Sigil of Bloodlust over Superior Sigil of Force. There’s nothing wrong with Bloodlust if you expect to stay alive for very long periods of time and not weapon swap. I switched mine out at some point because I was using the same ascended staff for raids and never bothered switching back. Up to you.

    Food notes:
    Scoop of Mintberry Swirl Ice Cream is my go-to: it’s super cheap and it gives you a bonus to karma. In the open world, I just stick on one of my cheaper sharpening stones or one of my zillion Halloween utility snacks that I’m trying to get rid of.

    I’ve been an elementalist main since shortly after launch and over time I came to swear by full glass cannon berserker stats, even – especially – out in the open world. The more quickly you nuke something out of existence, the less time it has to hit you. You can run it even glassier if you want; you can ditch water for air and run Fresh Air dagger/whatever if that’s your jam.

    Staff has everything you need to survive and kill things before they kill you, and Arcane Shield keeps you alive when you need to tank just a few more hits to finish channeling meteor shower or revive a downed friend.

    Familiarize yourself with combo fields and finishers. The elementalist has two blast finishers on staff (and I take a third, Arcane Wave). Those are sources of fury most of the time, although you can blast a water field for emergency healing as well.

    You’re running two Arcane utility skills without the Arcane trait line? Why?

    Because each of the trait lines I have serve a purpose. If you don’t care for Tempest, don’t want an automatic stunbreak (Gale Song trait), and/or don’t have Heart of Thorns, totally go for Arcane as your third trait line.

    The Fire trait line is for murder, reduced Lava Font cooldown, fury on blast finishers, and – in the event that you get downed – it also plops a lava font on your body.

    The Water trait line is for emergency condition removal. Water attunement is your OH SHIT! button. You attune to water when something hits you with twenty stacks of bleeding or whatever and you need to get that damaging condition off right NOW.

    Why not Glyph of Storms?
    I like having the blast finisher provided by Arcane Wave on hand for instant fury and just that little bit more burst. Glyph of Storms has a long base cooldown and things tend to just run out of it out in the open world. Yes, you can attune to earth and tank things with the blinds, but nothing short of champions should be living long enough for that to be important… and champions have break bars these days.

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