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    Elementalist (Tempest): PvE Power/Support Generalist

    GW2skills.net Link

    Playstyle: This build is meant as a generalist for pretty much any content except T4 fractals or raids, and it can even work there under certain circumstances. It’s not a pure healer, but it can heal very well. It’s not a pure damage-dealer, though it deals fairly good damage. This is not a build for speed-clears, but its range of support and damage abilities can be of use almost anywhere, and makes runs with marginal builds or inexperienced players much smoother. Self-sustain is somewhat lacking, aided mostly by healing and the bit of Toughness and Vitality on the Celestial trinkets.

    The staff is an excellent generalist weapon that allows you to make use of most of your tricks at range. The Water and Arcane traitlines support the generalist and party support angle, though you could take Fire or Air in lieu of Arcane for more damage at the expense of some utility and support. In Water, consider trading Soothing Power for Cleansing Water if you need more condition removal.

    For the heal skill, I favor “Wash the Pain Away!” because of its AoE heal ability, but you could use any of them. In particular, Arcane Brilliance is useful if you don’t take Arcane Wave or “Aftershock!”. Glyph of Storms is entirely too useful as a DPS tool, or, in Earth, to mitigate damage from swarms of trash, so it gets first billing. Arcane Wave is awesome for blasting in fields (your own water, fire or lightning as needed, or someone else’s), or for tagging enemies when farming, or polishing off weak foes when otherwise disabled. The last slot is a freebie. I like “Aftershock!” for its utility in breaking bars and blasting fields, but you could use “Flash-Freeze!”, or Conjure Ice Bow, or Conjure Lighting Hammer, or Glyph of Renewal, or even Lightning Flash. The elite is likewise a tossup – I like Glyph of Elementals because you can use it in Fire for DPS, Air for ranged damage, Water for tanking/support or Earth for CC. However, Conjure Fiery Greatsword is better for damage and “Rebound!” is nice for emergencies. Tornado is the only real choice underwater, but it sucks.

    Gear, runes, sigils and utility skills can be adjusted based on your expected role. Currently the build specifies fairly easy-to-get Berserker armor and weapons plus Celestial trinkets as a balance of good damage while still being useful at support. If you’re looking for more damage, try Berserker, Assassin or Marauder trinkets. If you need more passive durability, Marauder, Commander or Celestial armor can work. Steer clear of too much toughness – Tempests will never be good at face-tanking – but if you want to go that route, favor Knight gear over Soldier, Sentinel or Cavalier, since you need the precision. I would steer clear of pure-defense options like Nomad and Minstrel. Marshal gear is interesting, especially for trinkets, but this build has some difficulty capitalizing on the Condition Damage.

    For more healing, swap some pieces for Zealot or Harrier, or Magi/Cleric in a pinch. Magi offers more healing and durability, but much less damage. However, it’s cheaper by far than Zealot and easier to get than Harrier. Zealot will offer decent damage while still improving healing, but it’s expensive to make.

    Runes of Dwayna are cheap and effective, but you could use Water or Monk runes for healing, or runes of Strength, of the Pack or of the Privateer for more damage. Of course, the reliable old standby of Scholar runes works too, if you’re good at keeping your HP above 90% – if you do that, swap Cleansing Wave and Soothing Power in Water for Aquamancer’s Training (stacks with the Scholar bonus) and Cleansing Water (replaces the lost condi clear from Cleansing Wave). For Sigils, I steer clear of Force and Transference because of their expense, but I’m using a Force sigil on the trident anyway because in my own case, I lucked into a trident that already had one. If you’re building up and trying to stay cheap, consider Water, Air or Blood instead.

    For food and utilities, use most anything. Dragon’s Revelry Starcakes aren’t cheap, but they double down on the “generalist” angle and always help somewhat no matter what you’re doing. I often use Omnomberry Pie or Mango Pie as cheap food. If you’re not cheaping out, favor the usual power/precision foods or Delicious Rice Balls for healing, or Golden Fried Dumplings for might generation. Potent Superior Sharpening Stones are generally the best utility choice, though Bountiful Sharpening Stones might be better if you opt for Zealot, Marshal or Harrier gear. Magnanimous Sharpening Stones are better if you use Knight gear. In Cleric’s, either of the oddballs is better than Superior.

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