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    All-In Holosmith

    A pure DPS holosmith build that uses Photonic Blasting Module to explode for massive damage. link:

    You can run a pistol offhand for more damage at the cost of CC and survivability.
    For higher damage spikes but less consistent damage, run Superior Sigil of Impact offhand.

    – Uses the same Berserker’s gear as meta builds, so you don’t have to buy a new set of gear.
    – Deals high burst damage that deletes most mobs.
    – Brings lots of hard CC on a short cooldown.

    – Damages self for DPS, which can be dangerous in high-pressure fights.
    – Squishy when shield skills are on cooldown.

    Food & Utilities

    Tryhard DPS food (bosses): Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup, Superior Sharpening Stone
    Budget DPS food (bosses): Bowl of Seaweed Salad, Superior Sharpening Stone
    Budget DPS food (mobs): Dragon’s Breath Bun, Superior Sharpening Stone
    Magic Find food: Peppermint Omnomberry Bar, Lump of Crystallized Nougat


    All-In Holosmith is a variation on the meta Power Holosmith build for open world. It’s an incredibly silly and flashy build in which you spam Photon Forge skills to explode as fast as possible, then take advantage of the Laser’s Edge damage buff while cooling down to hit enemies with your highest-damage attacks. While you don’t deal as much burst damage as other power builds, you’re capable of extreme spikes, and you have access to a lot of hard CC to ensure that your attacks will connect.

    DPS Rotation

    The general idea is to alternate between Photon Forge and your normal skills, exploding, cooling off, and then entering Photon Forge again when it becomes available.

    In Photon Forge, you want to use Forge 3 (Corona Burst) and Forge 4 (Photon Blitz) off cooldown, with Forge 5 (Holographic Shockwave) for CC and Forge 2 (Holo Leap) if you need mobility.

    Outside of Photon Forge, Sword 3 (Radiant Arc) gives you quickness, and your sword skills have increased crit chance. Your DPS skills from highest to lowest DPS are:
    Laser Disk toolbelt (Blade Burst)
    Laser Disk
    Grenade toolbelt (Grenade Barrage)
    Bomb toolbelt (Big Ol’ Bomb)
    Prime Light Beam
    Bomb 2 (Fire Bomb)
    Sword 2 (Refraction Cutter) (above 50% heat)
    Grenade 2 (Shrapnel Grenade)
    Sword 3 (Radiant Arc) (above 50% heat)
    Sword autoattack (above 50% heat)
    Grenade 5 (Poison Grenade)
    Grenade 4 (Freeze Grenade)
    Bomb autoattack

    A full rotation might look like this:

    – Engage Photon Forge
    – Forge 5 (Holographic Shockwave)
    – Forge 3 (Corona Burst)
    – Forge 4 (Photon Blitz)
    – Laser Disk toolbelt (Blade Burst)
    – Laser Disk
    – Prime Light Beam
    – Corona Burst
    – Autoattack until Photon Blitz is off cooldown
    – Photon Blitz
    – Holoforge Overheated
    – Sword 3 (Radiant Arc)
    – Sword 2 (Refraction Cutter)
    – Swap to Grenade Kit
    – Grenade toolbelt (Grenade Barrage)
    – Grenade 2 (Shrapnel Grenade)
    – Swap to Bomb Kit
    – Bomb toolbelt (Big Ol’ Bomb)
    – Bomb 2 (Fire Bomb)
    – Stow kit
    – Use sword skills off cooldown until 50% heat
    – Swap to Grenade Kit
    – Grenade 2 (Shrapnel Grenade)
    – Grenade 5 (Poison Grenade)
    – Grenade 4 (Freeze Grenade)
    – Swap to Bomb Kit
    – Bomb 2 (Fire Bomb)
    – Bomb autoattack until Photon Forge comes off cooldown
    – Repeat


    You have a lot of hard CC, from Forge 5 (Holographic Shockwave) to Shield 4 and 5 (Magnetic Shield, Static Shield) to Bomb toolbelt (Big Ol’ Bomb) and Prime Light Beam. In particular, Forge 5 (Holographic Shockwave) is on a very short cooldown, so you can use it liberally.


    Healing Turret is one of the strongest heal skills in the game. It heals for a massive amount and cleanses in an AOE while having only a 20-second cooldown. Use it liberally to top yourself off for Scholar uptime and cleanse any conditions you may have on you. You can pick it up for a reduced cooldown of 15 seconds (!!!) or detonate it to blast the water field and get more burst healing.


    If there are a lot of hard-hitting mobs in an area, you may prefer to skip them entirely. To do this, swap Holosmith to Scrapper (it doesn’t matter what traits you pick) and swap in Elixir S and Sneak Gyro. These two skills combined give you 35 seconds of stealth, allowing you to channel a hero point, open a chest, or whatever. Take note that you’ll need to move slowly for your Sneak Gyro to catch up with you.

    Cleanses and Stunbreaks

    You shouldn’t have too much trouble with conditions thanks to Healing Turret, but if you need even more condi cleanses, you can swap one of your utilities to Elixir Gun and slot the Alchemy trait that cleanses a condition every time you use an elixir. This essentially makes conditions a non-issue.

    If you find yourself getting knocked down constantly, you can slot Spectrum Shield or Elixir Gun (toolbelt skill) as a stunbreak. Spectrum Shield also grants damage reduction and an AOE blind on the toolbelt skill, giving you a buffer for high-pressure fights.


    All-In Holosmith is a high-risk high-reward build that is tons of fun to play. It excels at knocking down enemies and unloading massive amounts of damage, all while looking like a walking Michael Bay film. Light shows and explosions — what’s not to like?

    If you have any questions, you can reach me in-game at CKY.6980. Thanks for reading!

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