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    Specializations and Traits options:
    Instead of the Explosives line, you may sub in Tools for all that yummy endurance and Static Dicharge procs. I like exploding too much to do so, however.

    Skill options:
    Laser Disk, while fairly useful for putting guaranteed bleed procs on foes, is built more for a condition damage build, rather than a berserker one. Feel free to sub in your favourite utility skill, but avoid Bomb Kit. It may make you more viable, but it will make you less rad.

    Runes notes:
    I like the Scrapper runes for that neat 7% damage resistance in close range, where all true lightsaber enthusiasts should be found. If you trust your instincts, feel free to sub in a more damage oriented option, like your old favourite Scholar.

    Sigil notes:
    I actually use Major instead of Superior runes of force, because those are dirt cheap.

    Food notes:
    Real warriors only eat once the job is done.

    Heyho, heroes! As a connoisseur of never really growing accustomed to my engineer properly, the Holosmith was a breath of fresh cooling fluid. Nothing better than being a techno jedi, am I right? Never liked the engineer’s over-reliance on all these kits, many of which are fairly dull. Bomb kit, anyone? Well, holosmith is king when it comes to spectacle.

    The build is fairly straightforward, overall. Fair deal of damage coupled with quite surprising survivability thanks to the wide… toolkit… that the holosmith possesses. You want to remain in holo mode as long as possible, as it is your main way of stacking vulnerability on targets for that sweet 10% damage bonus. If possible, follow up sword strikes with the 4th photon forge skill Photon Blitz, as that is by far the most damaging ability of the Forge and has burning, which helps with the Modified Ammunition trait.

    You are no pushover even while cooling down, though. The shield gives you access to projectile reflect and even a block, while the sword is a very nice melee option, especially with the quickness on the 3rd skill Radiant Arc.

    For your utilities, Hard Light Arena and Spectrum Shield are amazing defensive options that help you and even your buddies survive smacks from even the toughest beasties. Combined with Scrapper runes and the Light Density Amplifier trait and you can easily have 55% damage reduction while remaining majestic.

    Finally, do I even need to say anything about the Prime Light Beam? Big Frikkin Laser that pierces, launches targets and can even set the ground on fire? Sign me up!

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