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    AOE Bunker Scrapper

    A scrapper build that excels at defending a point against waves of mobs. link:

    You can run Superior Sigil of Fire as a budget option, but you’ll lose out on a lot of boon duration.
    You can mix in Berserker’s gear for more damage, Soldier’s gear for more tankiness, or Harrier gear for more support.

    – High sustained cleave damage.
    – AOE boon spam.
    – Multiple stunbreaks and AOE cleanses.
    – Brings soft and hard CC.
    – Uses meta WvW runes, sigils, and stats, so you don’t have to buy a new set of gear.

    – Low damage against elites and champions.
    – Low mobility.


    While the scrapper deals less DPS than other engineer builds, it’s great at supporting allies, and can be very hard to kill if built for defense. This scrapper build is designed for events like Verdant Brink nighttime, where it can put out high cleave damage while supporting allies with boons and cleanses.

    DPS Rotation

    When fighting a wave of enemies, engage with Hammer 5 (Thunderclap) or Mortar 3 (Endothermic Shell) to catch a group of mobs, then use Hammer 3 (Rocket Charge) to close the gap. Follow up with as many AOE damage skills as you think you’ll need to kill the whole group. Your damaging skills are, from highest to lowest burst:

    – Hammer 2 (Electro-whirl)
    – Elixir Gun 4 (Acid Bomb)
    – Shredder Gyro
    – Hammer 3 (Rocket Charge)
    – Hammer 5 (Thunderclap)
    – Shredder Gyro toolbelt (Spare Capacitor)
    – Hammer autoattack

    Use Elixir U off cooldown for quickness, might, and fury. Try to use it while Sigil of Concentration is active so the buffs last longer.


    Your hard CC skills are Hammer 5 (Thunderclap) and Shredder Gyro toolbelt (Spare Capacitor). You can Hammer 2 (Rocket Charge) in the lightning field left by those skills to get Dazing Strikes, which gives more breakbar damage. If you need even more CC, you can slot Elixir X and/or Personal Battering Ram, which grant lots of CC at a slight cost to damage. Take note that you don’t have access to ranged attacks without Mortar Kit.

    Mortar 4 (Flash Shell) is a giant pulsing blind AOE, which can mitigate damage if you’re being pressured by a large group of mobs. You also have chill on Mortar 3 (Endothermic Shell) and cripple on Elixir Gun 2 (Glob Shot), which can slow down charging enemies like Mordrem Teragriffs and Forged Forerunners.


    Healing Turret is one of the strongest heal skills in the game. It heals for a massive amount and cleanses in an AOE while having only a 20-second cooldown. Use it liberally to top yourself off and self-cleanse. You can pick it up for a reduced cooldown of 15 seconds (!!!) or detonate it to blast the water field and get more burst healing.

    If you’re still in danger of dying, or if Healing Turret is on cooldown, you can also use Elixir Gun 4 (Acid Bomb) to blast the water field from Healing Turret or Mortar 5 (Elixir Shell). Elixir Gun 5 (Super Elixir) is another good option for healing. If you’re taking sustained damage, you can use Elixir Gun toolbelt (Healing Mist) to top yourself off, but be aware that it’s one of your 2 stunbreaks.


    If there are a lot of hard-hitting mobs in an area, you may prefer to skip them entirely. To do this, slot Elixir S and Sneak Gyro. These two skills combined give you 35 seconds of stealth, allowing you to channel a hero point, open a chest, or whatever. Take note that you’ll need to move slowly for your Sneak Gyro to catch up with you.

    Cleanses and Stunbreaks

    Thanks to the Alchemy traitline, you passively convert conditions into boons, and every single Elixir you have is a condi cleanse (including Mortar 5 and Acid Bomb). This means that conditions are a non-issue.

    Your stunbreaks are Elixir U and Elixir Gun toolbelt (Healing Mist). You also have a passive Elixir S traited that activates if you’re about to die. Use it to disengage and heal before you dive back into the fray.


    AOE Bunker Scrapper is a build that excels at controlling an area. Whether you’re defending a control point like a camp in Verdant Brink, or you’re leading the charge right into a group of mobs, you’re the immovable object that other players can rally around. If you like being a hammer-wielding juggernaut, why not give this build a spin?

    If you have any questions, you can reach me in-game at CKY.6980. Thanks for reading!

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