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    Specializations and Traits: Explsives (3-2-3) Firearms (3-2-1) and Scrapper (3-3-1)
    Weapons: Rifle
    Skills 6-0: Flamethrower, Rocket Boots, Throw Mine, Sneak Gyro.
    Gear Type: Trailblazer Armor, Viper Weapon and Trinkets.
    Runes: Rune of the Flame Legion
    Sigils: Sigil of Malice, SIgil of Frailty
    Food: Koi Cake

    This build is meant to mainly utilize the Flamethrower while getting close to the most damage possible from it. Expertise from your gear, the trait “Thermal Vision”, and Koi Cakes ensure 100% duration of both bleeding and burning. Sigil of Frailty as well as the trait “Minesweeper” ensure you are constantly applying vulnerability. This, in conjunction to the accumulated 20% damage increase from traits and the 10% damage increase from the Flamethrower allows respectable damage while maintaining 10 constant stacks of might.

    The Medic Gyro and the barriers that get applied ensure you survive large battles, and your Rocket Boots and Stealth Gyro can assist you in escaping if the fight gets too hot.

    Lastly, your rifle can be used mainly for its skill 4, “Overcharge Shot” which is able to do quite a bit of damage to break bars.

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