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    This is a DPS chronomancer build designed to burst down mobs with high cleave damage. link:
    Hybrid Assassin/Berserker variant:
    Danger Time variant:

    In addition to offhand sword and shield, you should also have a focus with the same stats and sigil.

    – Deals very high burst damage that deletes most mobs.
    – Multiple blocks and distorts allow you to cheese short fights.
    – Hybrid variant uses the same Berserker’s trinkets as qtfy’s meta build, so you don’t have to swap them when moving between group content and open world.

    – Deals low damage outside of melee range.
    – Reliant on sword phantasms for DPS in long fights.
    – Overcaps crit chance with Spotter and banners.

    Food & Utilities

    Tryhard DPS food (bosses): Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup, Superior Sharpening Stone
    Budget DPS food (bosses): Can of Butternut Squash Soup, Superior Sharpening Stone
    Budget DPS food (mobs): Dragon’s Breath Bun, Superior Sharpening Stone
    Magic Find food: Peppermint Omnomberry Bar, Lump of Crystallized Nougat

    Use Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup or Can of Steak and Asparagus for the Danger Time variant.


    Power Shatter Chrono is a hard-hitting burst damage build that aims kill enemies before they can get a single hit in. Using your crowd control skills like Focus 4 (Temporal Curtain) and Gravity Well, you can keep enemies stunned and locked down while you hit them for 15k damage over 3 seconds. Against tougher enemies like veterans, you can deal respectable sustained damage with sword phantasms while blocking and distorting their hard-hitting attacks.

    Build Variants

    Three builds are presented here, depending on how much you want to invest into Assassin’s gear. Precision is slightly better than power for mesmers, because you get a lot of free ferocity from Fencer’s Finesse. Thus, the optimal build uses full Assassin’s to get as close to 100% crit chance as possible.

    That being said, Assassin’s trinkets can be a pain to get, and aren’t that much of a DPS increase over Berserker’s trinkets. The extra crit chance is also redundant if there is a warrior or ranger nearby granting precision. Hence, you can run the Assassin/Berserker variant if you already have Berserker trinkets, or if you’d prefer to buy them rather than grind them in LS3 maps.

    A third option is to run the Danger Time trait, which gives you a massive crit chance increase against slowed enemies. This lets you run full Berserker’s and still cap crit chance. However, it does mean that you’ll have less alacrity, and your DPS will be dependent on your slow uptime.

    Burst DPS Rotation

    When playing Power Shatter Chrono, you should look to end fights as quickly and unfairly as possible. Open with Focus 4 (Temporal Curtain) or the raptor engage skill to pull mobs together, then drop a Gravity Well on top of them and use all your burst skills. A burst rotation might look something like this:

    – Mantra of Pain
    – Focus 4 (Temporal Curtain)
    – Focus 4 (Into the Void)
    – Gravity Well
    – Well of Calamity
    – Blurred Frenzy
    – F1 shatter (Mind Wrack)
    – Power Spike
    – Power Spike

    With Continuum Split, you can really lay on the pain:

    – Mantra of Pain
    – Focus 4 (Temporal Curtain)
    – Focus 4 (Into the Void)
    – Gravity Well
    – F5 shatter (Continuum Split) (while casting Gravity Well)
    – Power Spike
    – F1 shatter (Mind Wrack)
    – F5 shatter (Continuum Shift)
    – Gravity Well
    – Well of Calamity
    – Sword 2 (Blurred Frenzy)
    – F1 shatter (Mind Wrack)
    – Power Spike
    – Power Spike

    After the initial burst, autoattack and use damaging skills off cooldown to mop up whatever enemies remain.

    Sustained DPS

    If you don’t think you’re going to be able to kill something in one round of burst damage, focus on summoning sword phantasms with Sword 5 (Phantasmal Swordsman) while autoattacking and using your own damaging skills off cooldown. Alternatively, use phantasms from Focus 5 (Phantasmal Warden) to absorb projectiles, or Shield 4 (Echo of Memory/Deja Vu) to slow enemies and grant alacrity to allies.

    Continuum Split

    Think of Continuum Split as a free cooldown reset for your skills. Use it while casting a high-impact skill like Gravity Well or Tides of Time, so the cooldown is instantly refreshed. You can also use it right before you think you’re about to take a lot of damage, since Continuum Shift resets your health to the moment you cast Continuum Split.

    As you get more comfortable with Continuum Split, you can plan your rotations around it and summon illusions to shatter for the maximum amount of time in CS. Be aware that Continuum Shift will reset your position to where you were when you cast Continuum Split, potentially teleporting you into hazards or enemy attacks.


    Your hard CC skills are Shield 5 (Tides of Time), Focus 4’s flip side (Into the Void), F3 shatter (Diversion), and Gravity Well. If you really need to break a bar, you can slot Signet of Humility. Remember that you can use Continuum Split to reset your cooldowns and potentially deal even more breakbar damage.

    Cleanses and Stunbreaks

    Blink is this build’s get-out-of-jail-free card, for when you get stunlocked or when it’s apparent you’ve run into more than you can handle. Use it to escape from bad situations.

    You shouldn’t have any problems with conditions with this build, since you’re either killing everything before it gets a chance to hit you, or blocking, dodging, and distorting attacks. If you do find yourself hit by a condi bomb, you can use Well of Eternity to cleanse it off. In very condition-heavy fights, you can slot Phantasmal Disenchanter, which constantly strips conditions from yourself and allies.

    Ranged Options

    This build loses a lot of damage outside of melee range. If you absolutely have to range something, such as the wurm boss in Draconis Mons, use a Berserker’s or Assassin’s greatsword and autoattack. You won’t win any DPS contests, but at least you’ll be able to hit the boss.


    Chronomancers are often maligned as the class with the lowest personal damage, but Power Shatter Chrono can put out serious burst that trivializes open world fights. When you can stunlock groups of enemies while deleting their health bars in seconds, who needs to fight fair?

    If you have any questions, you can reach me in-game at CKY.6980. Thanks for reading!

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