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    Hello! We’re an easygoing community here, so we won’t have a lot of rules, but here they are:

    – All members must be respectful to one another or risk getting banned.
    — This means that any statements that alienate someone of a particular race, gender, religion, orientation, or ingame skill level, are not allowed.

    – All posts to the Builds forum must be at least finished-draft, although they may be revised. Discussion for each build should take place in the appropriate thread. All top-level topics must be builds. Any half-finished ideas should be posted in this forum.

    – Topics can be voted up or down. In the Builds forum, you should vote up builds that seem well-thought-out and functional, or that you have tried and found to be good. You should vote down builds that do not seem finished, that you would not recommend to others, etc. In either case, you should comment on the thread with your thoughts (particularly if you tried the build).

    – Do not up or down vote a topic based on factors such as who posted it, whether or not you personally like or play the class, or other superficial things.

    – Feel free to ask any questions or suggest any other rules in this thread.

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