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    TL:DR – a uber selfsustained low dps build

    GW2skills.net link: Link

    Specializations and Traits:
    Death Magic (top top top) – to buff your minions. if you keep getting downed a little too much, you can change the Master tier from Death Nova to Unholy sanctuary (if you have shroud, you go into it instead of getting downed)
    Blood Magic (mid bot bot)- basic siphon and Transfusion (use shroud #4 to help heal party, or you can use it to remove downed players from enemy aoes)
    Reaper (top bot top)- personally i prefer reaper but if you prefer the original death shroud you can go with Soul Reaping to boost your shroud abilities

    Dagger + warhorn – main weapons
    axe + warhorn – for ranged enemies

    Skills 6-0: minions, minions (shout), minions, minions, minions

    Gear Type: Full Soldier (major Power , minor Vitality, minor Toughness)
    Runes: Trooper
    Sigils: *work in progress* (still havent found a good pair of sigils, since every one of them is focused on dps – probably one of the interrupts)
    Food (if desired): anything with vitality


    basically: +30k hp + 2k toughness + minions + shroud + syphon

    Playstyle: deploy minions. auto attack with dagger #1. #2 if you need to heal a bit yourself. avoid sacrificing your healing minion. use warhorn #4 and charge (#10 from minion) for CC. use the Rise! shout near mobs (you get one extra minion for every other mob hit). change to axe if you cant get near the target, or if you need to retreat a bit to heal.
    use shroud when you are half way of hp, or you need to help your teammates with #4. also good to stay in shroud if you are about to get damaged with a hit that downs you.

    #necro #necromancer #reaper #tank #minions

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    Looks good! Where do you normally use this? Open world? HoT? Dungeons?


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    everywhere! XD seriously. after main elementalist, and main guardian, this is my actual main.

    it all started when i tried HoT and kept dying (either with glasscannon elly and healing guardian). then i tried necro and it was perfect. average low dps, but so freaking alive XD


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    It’s been posted! Here’s the link: http://buildwars2.com/reaper-necro-tank/

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