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    Marksmanship: Any > 2 > 1
    Beastmastery: 3 > 2 (3 with Longbow) > 3
    Soulbeast: 2 > 2 > 3

    Sword + Axe (Primary)
    Greatsword (Primary)

    Any Heal Skill
    Any Utility
    “Sic Em!”
    Signet of the Wild
    One Wolf Pack

    Full Zerk Armor/Trinkets/Weapons
    Scholar Runes (Ogre if Budget)
    Force and Accuracy Sigils

    Plate of Truffle Steak (Power/Precision)
    Furious Sharpening Stone

    Stone Gazelle (Primary Meld)
    Electric Wyvern (CC Meld)

    This is an off-meta PvE build that works well in open world, dungeons, and fractals. In raids, the length of the fights make other meta builds shine over Power Soulbeast. On the test golem without infusions this build only gets 26.5k with Greatsword Rotation and 26k with Longbow Rotation. If you love ranger greatsword then this build is for you.

    The rotation is a little complicated, but easy once you understand the priorities. Start in Greatsword or Longbow for a burst of damage with a Maul + Hilt Bash + Maul combo or Barrage + Quick Shot opener. Then swap to Sword/Axe for the ferocity buff and drop Worldly Impact. When running greatsword I’ve seen it crit for over 50k on a trash mob thanks to the Attack of Opportunity buff.

    From here we use Path of Scars, Whirling Denfense, Charge, Kick, and Sword autos in that order. Stay on Sword/Axe until the second (or third if playing with Longbow) and swap immediately after.

    With Greatsword you want as many of your hardest hitting cooldowns to align with the Attack of Opportunity buff from Maul. Charge, Hilt Bash, and Worldly Impact are your priority AoO cooldowns. Swoop and Crippling Throw are decent alternatives, but are primarily filler between Mauls.

    With Longbow cast Quick Shot then Barrage and Auto Attack until the second Quick Shot. Swap out as soon as possible. I only recommend Longbow for fights where you are 100% forced out of melee.

    “Sic Em!” can be used off cooldiwn, but it may be occaisionally worth it to delay the buff for you harder hitting weaponskills.

    One Wolf Pack should never be used while in Greatsword since the delayed strikes can eat the AoO buff.

    For Healing skills, adapt to what works best for your party. Water Spirit is mediocre, but passive group healing. Healing Spring is always useful for condition cleanse. I highly recommend “We Heal as One!” for burst healing or solo play.

    For the third utility skill, I recommend Frost Spirit for group play. If you have a Druid healer then let them know so they can drop theirs and bring an extra glyph. If playing solo, Dolyak Stance and Quickening Zephyr work wonders.

    Extra Tips:
    * Avoid unmelding and swapping to Electric Wyvern for CC as much as possible. At fights like Arc or Artsariiv, swap ahead of time when then boss is invulnerable.

    * Get used to the evade/block timing on Sword 2, 3 and Greatsword 3, 4. You can use these instead of dodging to maintain Steady Focus.

    * Stay healthy. You have two scholar buffs on you because of your Soulbeast GM trait.

    Hope you enjoy the build and don’t sweat the viability. I’ve comfortably completed all fractal dps checks and got my Be Dynamic 100 CM title with this build.

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    Wow, you’ve put a ton of thought into this build! I’ve been playing with a condi Soulbeast but I really don’t feel like I’m making much of the class. I might check this out next time I’m in game! Thanks!


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    Oh, and when you say 1, 2, 3 does that correspond to top, middle, bottom? Or the other way around?


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    You got it. 1, 2, 3 equals top, middle, bottom respectively.

    Thanks for fixing the tags. I posted this on a mobile device from work, so hitting enter submitted the whole thing prematurely. I’ll be sure to proofread later.

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