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    GW2Skills build link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQNAR4enMdAVeg16C+dAcigFjA7IMUBOeGBgGQODfHHkXyA-jBCBABGp8DgLAQN7P6GSw8nEKBr4JAc8BBAH1fIFQgjBA-e

    Build details:

    The build focuses on bringing high damage with high Might generation while trying to keep costs low. The setup focuses on Greatsword for high burst and cleave damage with Dagger/Shield on swap to maintain Might while providing CC options for break bars or to deal with annoying, constantly moving enemies. This build also allows you to offensively use your Healing Signet to gain a stacking Ferocity boost while providing additional Might to help bolster your damage.

    The armor and trinkets are full Berserker whilst weapons are Assassin’s for the additional Critical Chance that the higher Precision grants, with Strength runes and Strength/Accuracy on the Greatsword, and Strength/Impact on the Dagger/Shield (Impact provides additional damage to stunned or knocked down enemies). The armor itself is inexpensive compared to buying flat berserker gear and the runes separately by purchasing Devona’s gear off the Trading Post (as they come in Berserker stats with Runes of Strength already slotted in).

    You take Fried Golden Dumplings (alternatively Spring Rolls, though you will lack the chance for Might on Critical Hit) and either Superior Sharpening Stones or Tin of Fruitcake, both of which will give the same utility effect. This gives you a good damage boost while also securing yet another way to obtain Might.

    Alternate Skills/Traits/Weapons:

    Sight Beyond Sight can be dropped for Break Enchantments if you’re fighting against mobs that can apply Boons, as you’ll lose some critical damage from Pure Strike. Both Sight Beyond Sight and Signet of Fury (or either one alone) can be dropped for the Banner of Strength, Banner of Discipline, or both.

    Arms can be dropped for Discipline (2-3-3) or Tactics (3-3-3) if you needed more mobility or group support respectively.

    Dagger/Shield can be dropped for Rifle or Longbow as a ranged power option (though Rifle does synergize better with Magebane Tether than the Longbow, though Longbow can provide better ranged damage and its projectiles arc, which has a slightly better range because of it by a few units than the linear Rifle). Either one can be run with Strength/Accuracy for better critical chance and 60% chance to gain Might on Critical.

    How to use the build:

    Start off with Signet of Rage for a quick Might boost and a bonus 100 Ferocity from using the Signet, and then follow up with Signet of Fury which will give you another 100 Ferocity while also filling up both Adrenaline bars. Use your F1 Burst on either Greatsword or Dagger and try not to break Magebane tether, which will give you 24 stacks of Might if unbroken. Then throw off skills as you feel you’d need, like Hundred Blades on Greatsword or throw a Shield Bash onto an enemy for some extra damage from your Dagger attacks.

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